Planner Girl Resources for Dealing with COVID

by Jessica Lewis
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Planner Girl Resources for Dealing with COVID

With the current state of the world, many of us are struggling to find stability in our lives.  When we experience a constant state of stress, anxiety and uncertainty daily life can start to feel out of control and things that felt important before fad into the background.

We all respond to situations like this in our own ways and need different things during these times.  Some of us need to simply find ways to get through the day, others may find relief in using their planners to create structure.  While some may need to put goals on hold or others might use goals as a way to focus and stay positive.  There is no wrong way to deal with this unpredictable state we are living in. 

And while planner stickers might not be something essential at this point (though for some its a welcome outlet), I wanted to share with you some resources to help weather the storm. 


KO Tribe Live Chat

While virtual chats aren't the same as in-person meet-ups, it can help all of us stay connected! Join me and your fellow planner lovers tomorrow 4/7 at 12pm CT in our Knockout Tribe FB Group for a virtual planner meet-up!

RSVP to the KO Tribe Live Chat!


Goal/Life Coaching

When life throws a curveball at you sometimes you just need someone to talk through things with. If you need help adjusting your goals, managing your daily life, creating an action plan or staying healthy a coach can be a great resource.  

Learn more about my Coaching Services!​


Virtual Health & Fitness

I just launched my Coach Jess website, Facebook group and first ever at-home fitness program.  Plus we are doing a Quarantined 10K Steps A Day challenge too! If you need help staying active, healthy & strong during quarantine and beyond let me know!

Visit my website!


Knockout Tribe FB Group

Our FB group is a welcoming place for you to connect, get support, and help each other make the most of this crazy time.

​Join the Knockout Tribe!


​Makse Life FB Group

Sierra's Makse Life FB Group is a great place to connect with fellow Goal Planners navigating this time and finding ways to stay on top of their goals.

Join the Makse Life Group!


Makse Life Plan to Thrive Workbook

And don't miss out on the Makse Life FREE Plan to Thrive Workbook designed to help you create a new normal during quarantine!

Download the FREE Plan to Thrive Workbook!


I hope some of these resources are helpful to you during this time! Stay safe & healthy out there! We are all in this together and be sure to reach out if I can help in anyway!

by Jessica Lewis


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