Planner Stickers 101

Most people don't understand why on earth anyone would need to use stickers in their planner, but we have 3 AWESOME reasons you need to...


#1 Structure 

Staring at blank planner pages can be paralyzing! You don't know where to start or where to put #allthethings - that is where planner stickers come in! Stickers like headers, dividers and boxes give structure to your weekly layout by breaking your spread into sections & categories making your planner more functional & user friendly. 


#2 Referencing/Archiving 

Let's be real you don't remember what you wore yesterday let alone when your last doctor or vet appointment was.  And flipping through endless pages in your planner or scrolling through your phone calendar can be flat out annoying.  Planner stickers save the day when it comes to referencing/archiving.  When you have appointments and events noted with icon stickers you can quickly & easily spot things when you are flipping back through your planner pages.


#3 Creativity 

You got your planner so you can get better at adulting (aka keeping track of appointments, tasks, goals and more), but honestly just using pen & paper isn't very inspiring.  It's not always easy to find creative outlets when you are busy keeping your life together...planner stickers to the rescue! Stickers not only make your planner more functional but they also give you the opportunity to be creative and bring more color & joy to your day!

If you are looking to add more structure, referencing and creativity to your planner & life planner stickers might be just what you need! Download the clickable PDF of the real life planner spread example (shown above) showing you exactly how using stickers simplifies your life, helps you get more done and brings more joy & fun into your day!


Bonus Tip: Understanding Sticker Types

From icons to boxes there are a TON of different sticker types and it gets confusing figuring out where to put them, where they fit and how to best use them. While you will figure out what works for you as you start planning here are a few guidelines to help!

  • Icon stickers are great for noting a certain task and writing the details next to it (ie. putting the dumbbell icon down and writing workout 9am next to it). The great thing with icons is they work everywhere in your planner and in any planner you use!
  • Icons with text are a quick & easy solution for noting various tasks without having to write much, if anything down (ie. our laundry sticker that says do laundry). Again these fit pretty much anywhere in any planner!
  • Box stickers come in 3 different sizes: quarter, half and full.  The size refers to the height of the box (the width is always 1.5" so they fit Erin Condren planners too).  These super functional stickers can work anywhere in the weekly spread of your Classic/Vertical or Flex/Horizontal.  You can use these for blocking out time/space in your spread, layering with other stickers, bringing attention to bigger events or tasks and much more!
  • Divider Stickers are great for creating sections within your weekly spread.  We offer divider planner stickers designed for both the Flex & Classic style planners.   
  • Label Style stickers for the week view come in a variety of styles from solid and striped to dashed boxes.  Some have text like "meeting" or "appointment", some are plain like our event labels with hexagon, and some are semi-customizable giving you the choice of Blank, Work, To Do or Appt.  All of these stickers are 1.5" and will fit the columns of our IWP Classic, EC vertical or anywhere in your Flex or Horizontal planner.  These are perfect for reminders, appointments and more!
  • Sidebar planner stickers are designed to fit the "sidebar" or notes section of your planner. 
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