New KOPS Makselife Coordinating Colors

by Jessica Lewis
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New KOPS Makselife Coordinating Colors

Makselife fans we've got exciting news for you! Our updated Makselife Coordinating Collection is live!

2023 Makselife Color Update

As you know Makselife launched custom highlighters this year that coordinate with the area of life colors. This meant they needed to slightly adjust their color palette.  And per usual we wanted to make sure we offer the closest color matches possible for your planner stickers, so last week we got to work on color matching!

Knockout Print Shop Makselife Coordinating Collection 

After a some time color matching - and then actually finding the hex color codes LOL - we have for you the updated Knockout Print Shop Makselife Coordinating Collection.

Please note the product images on our website for all Makselife listings will not reflect this change yet. We wanted to get these colors updated and available to you ASAP, so Matt will be updating the product images (specifically the image with the color palette) over the next few weeks.

2023 Makselife Planner stickers

Updated Makselife Collection Now Available

All orders placed Monday November 7th, 2022 and onward will have the updated colors.  If you ordered any of our Makselife collection prior to 11/7/22, your stickers will be the "old" colors.  But no worries if you already ordered some of our "old" Makselife stickers, the color changes are very subtle and everything in our "old" collection will still work great.

Below is the updated Makselife Color Chart for reference.

Makselife Planner Color Palette


Affiliate Links

Here's my Makselife affiliate link if you are interested in purchasing a 2023 Makselife planner and accessories. 

*this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase using our links we do get a small commission and truly appreciate your support.

by Jessica Lewis


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