YNAB Trumps Paper Budget Planning

by Jessica Lewis
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YNAB Trumps Paper Budget Planning

There are a few areas of life I think digital technology trumps good old fashioned paper & pen and one of those areas is managing your finances.  While I know some people have a lot of success using paper budget planners and various financial inserts, I've found personally & in my work with others that the benefits of digital options far outweigh paper options.

After using a combo of free digital options and being super skeptical of paying for a financial app, three months ago I jumped on the YNAB bandwagon and haven't looked back. I believe YNAB (aka You Need a Budget) is the best budgeting app out there.  No matter if you use YNAB or other digital options I believe you will see greater success in managing your finances and reaching your goals using technology vs paper. 

Disclaimer - if you are rocking your financial goals using a paper planner, stick with what works! This is just my opinion and experience!

So here are my Top 7 Reasons YNAB trumps Paper Budgeting:

  1. It's an All-In-One Software! It can replace your check register, manage your budgets, help you reach savings goals & pay off debts, as well as manage long-term expenses.
  2. Helps you learn to give every dollar a job!
  3. Live at your fingertips at anytime helping you make sound financial decisions.
  4. It emulates real life - flexible yet structured!
  5. Easily manages sinking funds/long-term expenses!
  6. Keeps you and your spouse (or family) all on the same page!
  7. Gives you a real time financial snapshot!

Check out my latest video to hear more about why I believe YNAB trumps Paper Budget Planning! And if you are curious about giving it a try yourself, grab their 34 day trial!

I do use a few simple Bill Due stickers in my planner as a reminder to pay irregular bills or bills that require I write a check, but other than that all my financial management lives in YNAB!

If you are a paper budgeting fan we do have some of our financial inserts back in stock and the budget insert is coming back soon too!

*this post contains affiliate links. If you use our link to make a purchase we do get a small commission and truly appreciate the support!

by Jessica Lewis


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