We are leaving social media

by Jessica Lewis
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We are leaving social media

After lots of contemplation and reflection we've decided to take a social media break effective March 1st, 2022. 

While we love connecting with you all on social media and exchanging planner inspiration, it’s time to see what life after social media is like professionally and personally for us.  We are starting with a 30 day break through March and after that plan to permanently get off social media (Facebook & Instagram).  

We've decide to leave social media for a variety of personal and professional reasons.  Mainly we're tired of being plugged into a curated feed, mindlessly scrolling and giving our power to these platforms.

Leaving social media is something we've considered doing for some time now, but finally got the nudge we needed to make the leap when we stumbled onto Tanya Dalton's podcast episode "Taking a Stand" about her leaving social media.  Matt and I aren't fans of her content and never listen to her podcast, but while doing some research for KOPS, we saw she left social media and had a podcast episode on why. So we sat on our bed and listened to the whole episode. We could relate to so much of what she shared and at that moment we decided to opt out. 

As an online business owner, leaving social media is scary, yet in the past few years we've found the social media algorithms don't work in our favor. Organic social media isn't what it use to be for businesses unless you want to spend countless hours following the ever changing "rules" to be seen. We just don't want to chase that moving target and because of that have seen a dramatic decrease in our social media engagement and reach as it is. 

Our hope is we can leverage our email list to continue to connect with our KOPS planner community. And at the moment we plan to stay on YouTube, so we plan to use that as a productive place for us to connect and share. There was life before social media and even online businesses could thrive without it - so fingers crossed. While Tanya Dalton didn't shut down her Inkwell Press social media accounts, we are going to go all in on the social media exit and worst case we can always come back. 

We invite you to join our mailing list and become a KO VIP to stay in touch about new products, sales, videos, planner inspiration, connection and more.  

Please note as of March 1st, 2022 we will not be sharing social media posts or stories, making or replying to comments or responding to messages.  Please contact us at hello@knockoutprintshop.com with questions and to connect.  

Thank you for engaging with us on social media and we look forward to connecting with you via email and Youtube moving forward.

by Jessica Lewis


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