Update! Month One in my Makse Life Planner

by Jessica Lewis
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Update! Month One in my Makse Life Planner

I planned all of January 2020 consistently using my Makse Life Planner and it was a harder transition from Inkwell Press than I thought it would be.  Seeing as both layouts are vertical and very similar in design I though this adjustment would be seamless - think again LOL! After 5 weeks of spreads I've started to find my groove and figure out what is & isn't working for me.

Things that are working:

  • Comfortable with making lists in a vertical layout
  • Color coded month view

Things I'm struggling with:

  • Color coding my week doesn't work for me
  • Not having a monthly color palette as a jumping off point
  • No daily boxes (I thought I hated those in the IWP but I'm so use to them its weird not having them)

I've also started to realize I may need to switch to a horizontal layout (something I thought I'd never say), since the vertical layout is stressing me out LOL! All of that said I got lots done this month (and things that matter not just stuff), made progress on goals and habits, and enjoyed the chance to get creative with a new planner. 

I think Makse Life is a great planner! I'm just in adjustment mode and need to figure what will work best for me regardless of planner brand.  

I also found the Makse Life Monthly Reflection to be a great tool in wrapping up my month and thinking ahead to what I wanted to work on for February.  I still have a slight preference to our Reflection Insert (which I hope to bring back as a printable soon) as it has a few more prompts that I like to use.

If you want to see all my January spreads, updated on my thoughts on the Makse Life Planner and my January reflection check out my latest video!



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by Jessica Lewis


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