Starting 2023 Goal Setting

by Jessica Lewis
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Starting 2023 Goal Setting

It's time to set goals for 2023 and I'm honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed. Usually I'm super pumped to sit down, reflect on the past year and set goals for the coming year, but for some reason my brain is spinning. So today's I'm just sharing some Jess musings...

2022 Ramblings

This year has been an odd one for sure.  Lots of things happened, both good and bad. I achieved a lot of what I'd set out to, but my list of new things to accomplish keeps getting longer LOL.

Having a farm always feels like a never ending list of projects.  This is both awesome and daunting.  Every year we check a ton of farm projects off our list, only to add many more.  We made insane progress this year with our land clearing and while there seems to be a dim light at the end of the tunnel, there's a lot of pasture work ahead now that we've cleared the land.

On the work front, this area of life has also felt weird this year.  I'm super thankful to have a hybrid job that is really flexible, but the work itself doesn't feel as fulfilling as it did when I started this job back in July of 2021.  Not sure where to go with this area of life, but something is missing.

I've also felt a bit like I'm living on an island lately.  Even though I go into the office and have human contact a few times per week, there is a gap of community and connection I'm yearning to fill.

Top 3 Areas

While there are 8 areas of life in the Makselife Goal Setting system, I tend to focus on my top 3 which are Personal (aka Farm), Work and Home. Again I got a lot done in these areas in 2022, but moving into 2023 I feel the weight of big things to get done.  

Along with having some "bigger" goals in my typical 3 focus areas, I also need to make some time for community and relationship building. 

Oh and we've finally started some home improvements which has my indecisive brain on overdrive. That is definitely adding to my overwhelm.

Start of Goal Setting

So where to begin?

I sat down this past weekend and did my Makselife Life Compass Assessment. Most areas stayed the same, a few went down slightly and a few went up.  If you've followed by goal process in the past you know most of the 8 areas I rank fairly high (between 9-10).  I know many people comment on this and can't believe that's real, but honestly I've spent years doing a lot of work on various areas of my life and feel happy and content overall.  I don't take the scores super seriously and simply use it to get a general feel for how each area of life is going.  Typically, I already have a sense of where I'm thriving and needing a little attention.

Now that I've done my Makselife Life Compass assessment, I'll have Matt (my husband) score me because I like having his perspective to make sure I'm being honest with myself.

I've also started brain dumping a list of all the things I want to accomplish in 2023 (and long term). When I sat down to start goal setting, I was quickly reminded how I struggle to start off categorizing goals in my Makselife planner and need to start by getting everything out of my head first. I need to spend a bit more time on my epic list.

Once I do that, it will be serious goal setting time.  

Matt and I will sit down together at our favorite coffee shop in town and come up with goals we have together. He also helps me figure out some of my personal goals because I do way better with this stuff when I have someone to talk through it with.


For the most part life is good. I'm trucking along in the direction of the path I've intentionally created and I'm happy. But there are some things that need attention and shifting in 2023.  I'll expand on all this more when I do my goal setting video for the new year, but for now I just wanted to share the start of my goal setting process and my weird headspace LOL.

How about you?

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed going into 2023? How are you feeling about setting goals for the new year? I'd love to hear - comment below to share your thoughts, goals, process, etc.

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by Jessica Lewis



Thanks for sharing your headspace! I decided a while ago that I would postpone my goal setting until Lunar New Years. Meaning, rather than doing prep work in December, when life is kinda busy for me, I’ll begin when the kids get back to school in January and my New Years for goals will be Jan 22. I find that I feel so much more clear after the holidays. Probably because I get time away from home to visit family & friends. From that place, I know I’ll be better able to map out my goals for the year. I’m a little worried, though, that since I didn’t stick with MakseLife all year in 2022 that I will fall off again in 2023. But otherwise, I’m not really thinking about goals at the moment. Just trying to make it through the holidays with my hair intact. Lol.

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