Prepping Your Planner For Back to School

by Jessica Lewis
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Prepping Your Planner For Back to School

Whether you or your kids are back in school or counting down the days until the first day, back to school season is officially here! Which means it's time to get back in the groove with using your planner for all things school related.

Today we have for you...3 Tips for Getting Your Planner School ready!

  1. Note all important dates. From the first day of school to conferences and everything in-between it's essential to mark all important dates in your planner.  I find the best system for this is to note these dates in your month views at the start of the school year and then each week as you prep your planner add those dates to your weekly spreads as well. Our School event sticker sheet is a great tool for streamlining this process.
  2. Color code. If you have multiple school-aged children, color coding events based on which kid things are for will help you stay organized and on top of all the things.  And if you are in school yourself color coding is a great way to organize your different classes and assignments. Using our Custom Boxes is a great way to make color coding even easier.
  3. Build a routine. Adjusting back into the school season and routine takes a bit of time.  Using habit tracker stickers in your planner is a great way to build and track new morning, afternoon and evening routines that will help make this adjustment smoother. Our Daily Tasks stickers for Makse Life & Inkwell Press Planners is a great tool for this tip.  Simply add it your spread and list out all the routine tasks you need to complete each day and you have an instant checklist.

Keeping your planner organized with all your school related events, tasks and projects will make the back to school season a little easier.  

Bonus tip...Teaching your kid to use a planner is a great way to help them learn organizational and time management skills. We have tons of customers that have their kids use planners with stickers and share with us how helpful it's been. 

So whether your kids or you are heading back to school, we hope you have a great transition and awesome school year! Oh and head over to our Facebook Group to share your tips on prepping your planner for back to school season.


by Jessica Lewis


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