Planning Lite | Summer 2021 Go-To Layout

by Jessica Lewis
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Planning Lite | Summer 2021 Go-To Layout

This time of year is my least busy work wise.  Having a seasonal business like planner stickers makes for a light work load during the summer months. Whether you are a business owner, work for a company or are a stay-at-home parent your life likely has varying seasons of busyness and with that changes in the way you use your planner or even what planner you use.

I personally move to a more "planning lite" approach during my slow summer season. Last year this looked more like using a simple to-do list insert for the week and then later going back into my planner creating a spread with stickers of stuff I had done as more of a creative outlet. This year I'm using my Makse Life horizontal (vs switching to a simple to-do list insert) but keeping my weekly spreads super lite.  

As you can see in the image above I'm trying a Monday, Wednesday, Friday workday approach and creating my typical spread with to-do list section in the middle, time based things on the left and personal tasks in the right side box.  On my "off days" of Tuesday & Thursday I'm leaving the space more open. I'm hoping this will help me not try to fill in things just to "feel" like I'm doing this and instead just step away from my desk and do non-work things.  This is my new version of "planning lite" for summer 2021 as I try to use my planner as a tool to embrace my slow summer season.

I'd love to hear how you use your planner during your slow seasons and if you can relate to my struggle to embrace seasons that open up time. Head over to our Facebook group and share your thoughts!

by Jessica Lewis


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