Passion Planner Pro Review

by Jessica Lewis
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Passion Planner Pro Review

This review is a long time coming since I've had the Passion Planner Pro (now called the Medium size) Academic Year planner for literally a year - so I think its fair to say it's time to share a review!

First I have to say, I haven't really used this planner to its fullest.  I played around with using it last summer for a month or so but didn't use it consistently or long term.  

My general thoughts on this planner:

  • Awesome quality overall
  • Cover is durable and great for adding decals
  • Great paper quality, really no bleed through with my Papermate InkJoy Gel 0.5 pen
  • Layout is clean & neutral so great for adding your own colors with pens, stickers and highlighters
  • Goal oriented pages are great for those wanting to map out their future goals and regularly check-in on progress

Who this planner is great for:

  • Someone with a more scheduled/time-based lifestyle
  • Students, parents, professionals

Who this planner might not work for:

  • Those who's life is more list based vs time based

After filming this review and flipping through the planner I think with where I am at in my life right now (goal and future vision wise) this planner might serve a better purpose for me.  I also think it could serve as a great referencing tool or reflection book for me to be able to look back at my life to gain insight into changes, progress, etc.

Check out my video for more details on what I think of the Passion Planner Pro!


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by Jessica Lewis


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