June 2022 Wrap-Up | Life vs Planner

by Jessica Lewis
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June 2022 Wrap-Up | Life vs Planner

It's already mid-July! I've barely been using my planner and there isn't much to report in a video so I'm just sharing a few ramblings and planner thoughts in this short blog...

Let me start off saying I just wrote this whole thing out, then my computer froze and deleted it all...clearly that is a sign! So sadly this is a much shorter version of what I originally wrote because now I'm on a time crunch.


I've still been using my Inkwell Press Classic Planner in the super functional minimalist way I've been sharing for months.  Nothing fancy, just dot stickers for lists and handwritten appointments. 

Honestly that is where I'm at right now.  My planner is serving its purpose as a calendar and to-do list - and that's all I need it for.



I've officially had my full-time job for a year. I finally have a groove and have learned how to manage my energy output. Work, farm, working out, cooking, chores, business, etc. It's impossible to do it all at 100%. I've had to let go of some things and reduce others.  

The print shop is in its usually summer slump. So I've decided inside of stressing about it like I usually do every year, I'm going to embrace it.  I'm taking a full break from Youtube (yes I know I was only posting once a month), we won't be releasing new products for a bit, and we will step back until planner launch season. It's only taken almost 7 years for me to stop fighting our industry trends LOL.

Work and farm life have been keeping us busy.  We had 7 lambs back in May, we harvested our meat birds in June and our layer chicks are almost 8 weeks old. Our garden is doing great despite the crazy heat here in Tennessee and I'm pretty proud of my improved skills from last year.

Matt has been doing his side hustle HandyMatt and working on some local jobs, along with a few photography gigs.

In addition to my usual work duties, I taught our entrepreneurship class to a great job of new business owners in June. It's seriously one of the favorite parts of my job.

Okay that's all I have for you today. My planner really hasn't been a focus in my life right now, its simply serving its "as needed" function. But despite that, life is still good, goals are getting accomplished and I'm moving forward.

How are you doing? Do you feel like planning has shifted for you too?



by Jessica Lewis


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