It's been a while...2023 Makselife Planner Update

by Jessica Lewis
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It's been a while...2023 Makselife Planner Update

I can't believe we're in the last quarter of 2023! This year is flying by! 

Today I wanted to share with you a life and planner update. I've been religiously using my Makselife Planner since the beginning of the year and thought I'd share how things are going.  Plus with a recent major life change, my planning has changed a bit.

Check out my Year to Date (Q1-Q3) 2023 Reflection video to hear it all!


Planner Success

While at the beginning of the year, I didn't intend to leverage the goal-setting aspects of the Makselife planner, I've been using it fully and loving it. From setting monthly goals & weekly action steps to doing my reflections, using the goal-setting tools has been much more helpful for me this year than I imagined. 

Goal Update

As the saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for" or in my case what you goal set for. I've been wanting to leave my job to pursue other career goals and last month I finally bit the bullet and quit. No new job lined up, just resigned. Crazy? Yes. Do I mentally feel better? Absolutely.

So my goal to change jobs is full in progress!

Current Planner Set-Up

Throughout the year until September, I basically did my usual set-up. Appointments at the top, work to-do list next, then personal task list, and last, but not least Knockout Print Shop task of the day.

Now that I'm unemployed I'm basically creating a section each day for the areas of life I've got tasks in for that day.  This has been working great to give structure to my days.

Sharing Time

I'd love to hear how your year has been going. Has your planner worked for you as you expected? Any life lessons or tips you'd like to share? Comment below.

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Here's my Makselife affiliate link if you are interested in purchasing a 2024 Makselife planner and accessories. 

*this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase using our links we do get a small commission and truly appreciate your support.

by Jessica Lewis


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