Is August the New January?

by Jessica Lewis
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Is August the New January?

One of our KO VIPs Amy shared some awesome insight in our Facebook group over the weekend! After reading Lisa Woodruff's (owner of Organize 365) article she is thinking that August might be a better time to set annual goals than January.  In the article Lisa talks about how Fall is in the new productive season and I sort of agree. We spend the first few decades of our lives in a routine where August (aka Back to School) signals a fresh start, but then as adults we are all about New Year's resolutions and goal setting. 

Could the engrained "back to school" season and natural changing of the seasons from summer to fall be a better time for your annual goals setting?

While from a business perspective I like setting my annual goals to start January 1, I can see the case for making August/September the start of your annual goal pursuits. Or at least doing a goal check-in or reset at that time to see what you can accomplish by the end of the year.  For me being a super creature of habit, setting goals in August feels a bit weird, but that doesn't mean this approach won't work for you.  If you tend to struggle with the traditional January 1 start to your goals, it's worth a shot setting your start date as September 1.

Here's what some of our other KO VIPs had to say about this idea...


We'd love to hear your thoughts on this approach to goal setting! Head over to our Facebook group to chime in on the conversation. 

by Jessica Lewis


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