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by Jessica Lewis
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Food Journal by Knockout Print ShopOur food journal is different than most you will find on the market.  As a health & fitness coach, I designed this tool to help my clients gain insight into their eating habits so they could create a plan to make strategic changes that could be implemented for the long-term.  I want you to be able to do the same by building awareness and exploring your relationship to food.  We humans are bit more complex than the "simple" advice to just eat less.  Through using our food journal you will become armed with insight that gives you the power to make real lasting changes.

The Knockout Print Shop Food Journal is designed to be used for 14 days only.  Long term food journaling is fruitless and often self-destructive.  Your goal is to input as much data in the moment as possible for each eating experience over a 2 week period.  Once you completed the 14 days it's essential that you take time to sit down and review your findings.  

Check out my video on "How to Use our Food Journal" for more specific details on the product!

What I hope you we realize is the subtle things that are playing a role in your less healthy eating choices.  Maybe you wait too long to eat between meals and are famished & grabbing for fast foods.  Maybe you are fearful of hunger and eat as soon as the slightest hunger pang hits and potentially eating more than your body needs.  Maybe you emotionally eat.  Maybe you eat things you think you should and are never satisfied.  Maybe you eat alone and shovel food in because the experience is lonely.  Maybe you struggle to feel your fullness and over eat.  There are so many insights to be uncovered in this food journal process that can help you craft an individualized plan to health & fitness success. 

Once you have a clearer picture of what's holding you back you can commit to changing one small thing. Let's say you wait too long to eat and are always starving and often grab for convenience food - maybe you decide to eat once you've experienced consistent hunger for 30 minutes so you can make healthier choices than you would when you hit primal hunger.  Small baby step changes done consistently over time will lead to sustainable results!

We hope you enjoy using our food journal and find this unique tool an effective way to start chipping away at your health & fitness goals.  If you have any questions or need support don't hesitate to reach out!

by Jessica Lewis



Is the daily food journal available for purchase. Thank you

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