Hello September!

by Jessica Lewis
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Summer is winding down, kids are back in school, its getting a little cooler and days are starting to get a little shorter.  Fall is upon us! I'm so excited to see fall in Raleigh - with all these trees I can only imagine how beautiful it's going to be! While I prefer the warmer weather of summer, I'm really excited to experience the Fall weather here in NC since summer is no joke hot here LOL!

Matt & I have been taking advantage of this slow time of year in the planner sticker world (aka summer) by exploring our new city and state, enjoying the outdoors and slowing down.  We've also taken time to plan for the busy, exciting time of Fall & Winter! We have mapped out our plans for our color matching process of the 2019 IWP planner, ideas for the future and more. We are ready for new planner season!

We've been working on building our Passion Planner collection and hope our Passion Planner peeps are enjoying what we've created! Don't hesitate to reach out with ideas! We have more listings come very soon!

We've slowed down on creating new Inkwell Press planner stickers in anticipation of the 2019 launch! We have over 300 listings currently for IWP and converting all of those to the new colors will begin soon!

The Planner Boss Collective Sale is this month as well and we are so excited to be a participating shop again! Learn more here! It's pretty awesome the PBC sale is in September because...

And last but not least it's my birthday & the shop's anniversary month!! I will be 38 (ooh 40 is quickly approaching LOL) and our shop will be 3! I'm so grateful to be happy, healthy and in a position to run our shop full time! Thank you all for your dedication & support over the past 3 years! We have the best customers ever and its been an absolute joy working with you all! Cheers to many more years of planner love, sticker fun and inspiration! Celebrate with us and shop the PBC Sale 9/12-9/23!


by Jessica Lewis


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