2019 IWP Colors

by Jessica Lewis
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The 2019 Inkwell Press Planner Launch is right around the corner (9/5/18) and we know everyone is excited to get their hands on a fresh, new planner and some KOPS coordinating stickers.  So I'm sure you are wondering when we will have the new 2019 IWP stickers ready for ya...

As with years past, we want to remind everyone that it takes us a few weeks to nail down the closest color matches possible.  And then from there we begin the process (the long process) of converting our over 300 hundred listings.  We create the listings one by one based on the top sellers and work down the list.  

We don't get the new planner early, so just like you guys we have to order one & wait for it to arrive.  Once we get it, we start the color matching process.  While we've seen the color palettes for this year in the Amazon version of the planner we are waiting to start color matching until we get the higher quality planner as the paper quality can effective the colors and we prefer to match to the non-Amazon version of the new planner.  

With this year's color palettes, similar to last year, we have some room to add in complimentary colors.  So our palettes will coordinate with the 2019 IWP colors but also expand on them a bit to give you more options & variety.  

We know everyone is eager to start planning and having fun with their new planners and we will have stickers for you soon.  Thank you for your patience while we work hard to make sure we create colors that you will love. 

by Jessica Lewis


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