Habits and Streamlining

by Jessica Lewis
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Habits and Streamlining

Alright planner friends we've made it through the first 2 fast moving months of 2023 and it's time to share my February update. I typically do my monthly recap video style, but I've decided to just blog it instead. While I love talking through my reflection, goals, life with you all on video, honestly filming takes more time than I have right now AND after reviewing my YouTube analytics my videos don't get much traction (which I totally understand because they aren't at all entertaining LOL).  Which brings me to the theme of my life for February....streamlining!

Goals Change

Some of my annual goals are changing because I need to streamline and focus.  I don't feel like I set out in 2023 with too many goals, but I've been really trying to focus more intently on what is truly important right now in various areas of my life and came to the conclusion it's time to eliminate some goals and postpone others.


Instead of trying to focus on a bunch of various, but related goals, projects, etc. Matt and I have decided once again to further adopt a focused, intentional way of life.  That means we are eliminating a few farm goals so we can streamline our focus and get the stuff done that really needs our attention.  So no new layer hens, meat birds, or pigs this year.  We're focusing on our sheep flock, land improvements and garden.  

We need to stay focused on our finanicial health and spreading ourselves too thin with farm endeavors actually taxes our finances more than we'd like.  We need to intentionally invest where it matters most right.  This not only means with money, but also with our time and attention.

I've also decided to not film YouTube videos any longer.  I did hit my goal of filming 3-4 this year (so I'm happy about that), but again I've realized the output of time and energy doesn't give an adequate return.  So instead I'll blog here and there to share thoughts, planning stuff, etc. since it's lower time investment. 

Without going into every detail of my streamlining approach, it all boils down to focusing my time, energy and resources on what is truly most important. 

Habits & Goals 

Habit tracking in my Makselife Vertical planner is really helping me stay on top of my habits and remain accountable to myself. Sticking with my habits is leading to reaching my monthly goals pretty consistently.  From eating out just once a week to slowly reducing my sweets intake and crocheting daily, I'm feeling the benefits of consistency. 

I'm still plugging away at building connection and community, but I won't lie it isn't easy.  I go on one friend date per month and make an effort to connect with friends weekly, but it's a slow process. And I still feel this area of life has a void.

In general, my habits are building momentum and I'm knocking out my weekly action steps to reach bigger goals.  Baby steps!

Planner Update

My Makselife Vertical is working great for me! Nothing has really changed about my set-up this month.  I continue using the top of each column for appointments and the rest of the column for categorized checklists. Weather stickers with the temperature goes at the top along with my daily egg count. And in the bottom box I put my daily highlight.  It's a great blend of productivity and super mini journaling/life documentation. 

How are you doing?

So that wraps up my February Jess ramblings on streamlining my life.  How are you doing? How did February go for you? Let me know in the comment (oh and ps Shopify blog doesn't allow me to comment back on your comments - ugh!)

I hope you have a great March! Bring on spring!!

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by Jessica Lewis



It’s always March that gets me. I’m fine in January and February, but March is when school music programs pick back up. And the time change. So I’m working on a goals realignment for the end of the month. Planning to check in a few times a year really helps.

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