From Less to More: Tips for Rocking Life Transitions

by Jessica Lewis
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From Less to More: Tips for Rocking Life Transitions

If you've followed any of my content you know I'm a huge have of the "less is more" and "less but better" approaches to almost everything in life.  And for the last 4 months my life has been going at a nice, slow pace that has allowed me to embrace that mantra.  Business has been slow and life for the most part has been calm minus the busyness and craziness of the farm.  My planner usage has been light and I've actually had more free time than I prefer. My day-to-day has been focused on a 3 majors things: our farm, connecting with my community and riding the wave of business trends and I've been working on embracing this pace of life.

Well, now let's fast forward to last week and I started a new job, so life is a bit out of whack.  I'm SO pumped about this job and love that it's part-time and the perfect blend of remote & in office, but I've seriously went from less to more overnight and I'd be lying if I said it's been easy.  It's an adjustment.  As I ease (well I'm not really easing) into it, I wanted to share some insights I've had that might be helpful to you if you ever find yourself shifting from less to more.  Whether it's a new job, adding a side hustle, kids going back to school, taking on a new responsibility, we all go through times where life instantly feels a bit chaotic and it's nice to have some things that anchor us to keep us sane.

My tips and insights for getting through the "less to more" experience:

  • Keep using your planner but DO NOT get hung up on making it pretty. In the pic above I had less going on and spent more time prettying up my planner, but last week I could only get myself to use pen & highlighter. The key is still using my planner since it keeps me on top of all the things.
  • Remind yourself "things take time". You aren't superhuman and adjustments take time.  I have to remind myself that in a few months I will have a routine and be in a groove, but for now I just need to be patient.
  • Be aware. Do your best to check in with yourself throughout the day and see how you are feeling.  Ask yourself what is working and not working.  Know that you may feel overwhelmed but as long as you stay in touch with your feelings, thoughts and energy levels you will be able to navigate this time much easier. And while your paying attention to all that be sure to...
  • Take care of yourself.  Do your absolute best to get 7-8 hours of sleep, stay hydrated, get outside a bit and eat nourishing meals.  This will go a LONG way in keeping alert, happy and healthy during this transition time.
  • Remember when you add something new, you'll likely need to let something go or reduce it. Like I always say you can't keep adding and adding and think you won't burn out.  When you add something new you need to be aware that you will have to make adjustments in other ways as you figure out the new flow. Don't get to the "somethings gotta give" point. 

Today's post wasn't super planner related but I hope it helps anyone going through a transition or anticipating adjustment coming soon.  These times aren't easy but with some patience, routine and attention you can get through it and come out on top. 

by Jessica Lewis


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