Done is Better than Perfect | December 2019 Reflection

by Jessica Lewis
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Done is Better than Perfect | December 2019 Reflection

My word for December was Full! Last month was full of memories, travel, orders, sales, content, ideas and more! Matt & I were definitely tired from a busy December and still recovering, but we are beyond grateful for such a great month of many levels.

This month was a big lesson in "done is better than perfect"! While I "know" this on an intellectual level, I'm embracing the concept and using it to execute things in my life.  The only way to get things done is to get started! It doesn't have to be pretty!

Here's a breakdown of my December 2019 Reflection: 


  1. Went home to Chicago for the holidays 
  2. Our 6 year dating anniversary
  3. Finished a new Kettlebell training program 


  1. First Planner Coaching Client
  2. New Goal Coaching Client
  3. Beating 2018 December Sales

Lessons Learned:

  1. Stay focused on one thing at a time
  2. Brain dumps are essential 
  3. Done is better than perfect - definitely the theme for December and moving forward into 2020!
  4. Things are achieved one little step at a time
  5. Share more


This month I didn't focus on building new habits, but instead continued with my Rise at 6am and Bed by 10pm.  My other 2 habits (daily movement break and social lints) got neglected and I'll be reevaluating those for January.

Goals & Projects:

I got almost everything done on my mission board (aka monthly goals)! Everything from finalizing my new online strength training program to making my last 2019 HSA transfer! Next month will be all about mapping out and finalizing 2020 finances, getting back to weekly product releases and planning the launch of a Jess Youtube channel.

Overall it was a great month and I'm feeling ready to take on 2020! If you want to hear more details and Jess musing check out my video below! 


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by Jessica Lewis


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