Stop setting goals!

by Jessica Lewis
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Stop setting goals!

Yep, stop setting goals!

Okay that was a bit bold and I'm not here to tell you what to do, but hear me out.

I'm a goal-oriented person, yet as much as I love me some goals sometimes they just feel overwhelming and I need a break. Now I'm not saying I just sit on my couch and do nothing, but I am saying when I feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed with my goals I hit pause. My brain wants me to amp it up or completely shut down so I've found a little sweet spot in the middle to hang in while I ride the wave.

I call this steps! And my friends it is the magic sauce to reducing overwhelm while making progress.

I will ask myself "What is one teeny tiny little thing I can do today, daily or this week to keep the momentum or get started?". 

Look the reality of reaching your goals and living a happy life is SLOW, incremental change! So here's a process I highly recommend...

  1. Look at all the things you want to accomplish 
  2. Let go of deadlines (unless it's something that has to have a deadline, like work or school projects)
  3. Pick the one thing you are 99% committed to achieving
  4. Figure out the teeny tiny baby step you can start taking

I know it's scary to just pick one thing, but the human mind prefers less over more. We do better when we can hyperfocus on one thing and master it vs trying to do all the things.  It may seem like achieving your goal will take forever and it may take longer than expected, but instead of pushing full speed and only getting temporary success, taking the baby step approach will give you lasting results.  

I'm a big of transforming my life vs just saying I did something once. And slowing things way down and having focus will help you feel less overwhelmed. It is challenging to come to peace with "less is more" and your mind will tell you you aren't doing enough, but trust the process my friends and give baby steps a try.

"But Jess my goal planner basically looks blank."

And to that I saw, "but does all the writing from weeks past equal progress?". If so, keep doing what you are doing! If not, baby steps might be for you. Plus you can use that "empty space" in your goal planner for different things like...

  • A dashboard of to-do's in each category
  • Highlights or memories from your week in each category
  • Rating each category each week so you can start getting an idea of what areas need love
  • Gratitudes in each category 
  • Obstacles or challenges in each area you need to address at some point
  • Unanswered questions you have about your life in each category
  • Jot down a quote related to each area
  • Or just block out the other categories in your mind and stay hyper-focused on the one that matters right now

So moral of the story is goals are great AND we all hit times in your journey when we need to slow down, scale back or hit pause.  When you feel frustration, overwhelm, or hesitation welling up let that be your reminder that its time for a little reflection and likely some hyper focused baby stepping.

by Jessica Lewis


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