Build a Daily Highlight Habit

by Jessica Lewis
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Build a Daily Highlight Habit

Whether you are a goal setting kind of planner or not, documenting a daily highlight in your spread is a great way to stay focused on the positive.  Even during your toughest times finding that little grain of good can help lift your spirits. Think of daily highlights as a mini journal that takes a second to complete and fills you with happy vibes.  We all know it's so easy to focus on the negative so having a habit that nudges you to shift your mindset to the positive is a mental health win!


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Creating a Daily Highlight Habit:

  • Figure out where you want to document you daily highlight.
    • Here's my Top 3 Daily Highlight spots:
      • The bottom or side box in the Makse Life planner
      • One of the daily boxes in my Inkwell Press Planner
      • Our Daily Highlights sticker (we only offer this from Inkwell Press right now, should we add this to our Makse Life collection too?)
      • My monthly spread which is really cool because I can see a monthly full of goodness at a glance
  • Decide when to note it.
    • At the end of the day
    • First thing in the morning the following day
    • When the highlight happens
  • Start now!
    • There is no better time than now to start shifting your mindset and building a tiny habit that benefits your wellbeing.

No matter how you approach this habit it will do your mind and body good! Plus it gives you a mini journal of your days to look back on which is always fun too! 


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by Jessica Lewis


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