Back to Planning | Week Two IWP Classic

by Jessica Lewis
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Back to Planning | Week Two IWP Classic

Alright planner friends I'm happy to report I've successfully used my planner for 2 weeks in a row! For a hardcore planner user/lover its hard to believe I even have to say I'm glad I'm consistently using my planner, but hey life happens and even diehard planner peeps like myself fall off the wagon sometimes.  So back to my update...

I'm 2 weeks strong in my Inkwell Press Classic planner and still keeping it simple! That has been the key for me! Nothing fancy, barely any stickers at this point, but just getting pen to paper.  My trusty go-to's right now are my favorite Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pen .5 and our mini hexagon and solid boxes stickers (ooh and the mini drop stickers to keep track of egg counts from our hens - but truth be told I wasn't very consistent using that spot since I also track it in a Google Sheet every morning).  That's it and it's working.

I will admit I didn't reference my planner last week as much as I did the week before, but I'm still calling it a win.  I got everything done on my lists and did some back planning (putting down tasks after they were complete).

This has been a good dose of "practice what you preach" for me. I always talk about keeping things simple and less is more, so that's what I'm doing. The focus for me continues to be "just use it". 

Last night as Matt was making dinner, I sat at the kitchen table with my planner, pen and mini hexagon stickers are just started writing things down.  I had my iCalendar open on my phone so I could write in all my appointments first and then I started dumping tasks into my work and business lists.  While I did put some tasks on certain days, it's not imperative they all get done on the days I put them down. It's all about getting everything out of my head and on paper.

Inkwell Press Planner with Knockout Print Shop Stickers

It felt good to sort of prep for the week on Sunday, so I need to commit to doing that again this week.  I also realized that I LOVE sitting at the kitchen table to plan, so I will be doing that again for sure.  Environment plays a huge part of being successful with a habit, so kitchen table it is.

Well that's all I have for you today friends! I hope your planning is going well and you are getting pumped for the launch of the 2022 planners! I just ordered my 2022 Inkwell Press planners and submitted my request for my 2022 Makselife planners (as part of their VIP Review Team I get access to the planners early - so grateful for this opportunity)! Happy Planning everyone!

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by Jessica Lewis


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