Back to Planning | Week One IWP Classic

by Jessica Lewis
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Back to Planning | Week One IWP Classic

I got back in my planner last week and it felt so good! I'm far from being in my groove but I'm heading in the right direction!

So here's what I did:

  • Took one of our old half sheet To-Do inserts (I hate to bring those up because we don't make them anymore but I needed to use one) and literally wrote down every-single-task I had to do that week. It was a combo of work, farm, Knockout Print Shop, home, etc.
  • I grabbed my Inkwell Press Classic and a few stickers to create a basic layout
  • I used solid mini hexagons for my list checkboxes
  • I used our cover strips to cover the words on the side of the page
  • I used our mini drops next to the date at the top for my egg count
  • I used solid quarter boxes to note the few meetings I had
  • I used solid single line boxes to note important dates 
  • I wrote "appts" as the header to make the top section appointments
  • I wrote "TBF" as the header for the bigger middle section to create a work task list
  • I wrote "KOPS" as the header for the bottom section to create a business task list
  • I used the daily boxes to write down all my personal/home/farm tasks (I put them on the days I thought I could get them done but didn't get attached to that and just used it as a big list section)


2021 Inkwell Press Planner with Knockout Print Shop Stickers


Simple. Functional. Back in my planner.

I plan to do the same thing this week in my Inkwell Press Classic with the possible addition of a few icon stickers for tasks. The vertical layout seems to be a better fit at the moment as I continue to adjust my planning to being a business owner, farmer and now full-time remote employee too. I'm working on slowly finding what works and getting as much out of my head as possible.  I don't know about you, but when I try to keep things in my head I ended up overwhelmed and frustrated.

So there you have it - week one of "Back to Planning" using my Inkwell Press Classic! So far, so good!

ps. Done is better than perfect my friends! We are using some good old fashioned iPhone 7 images to share my spread today. Setting up all our photography gear has been a bit of a barrier for me just putting things out there, so I've opted to not worry about the image quality and just show you what I got.

by Jessica Lewis


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