Assess & Adjust to Reach Your Goals

by Jessica Lewis
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Assess & Adjust to Reach Your Goals

Reaching your goals isn't a linear process.  There will be ups, downs, tweaks and turns along your journey.  When you rigidly attach to a goal and the process looking a certain way you often find yourself stuck and frustrated by a lack of progress.  While you want to stay committed to the intentional goals you set, you also need to be flexible with the process.

After setting goals you may find that...

  • The goal isn't a good fit and you need to let it go
  • You are approaching the goal with a strategy that doesn't work with your lifestyle 
  • You are taking on too much and need to scale back
  • You need to up your game because you've gained momentum
  • You are struggling to stay on track and need more support

No matter where you are at with your goals, implementing a weekly and/or monthly goal check-in or reflection is essential to assess how things are going.  Hitting pause to analyze your process allows you to explore what adjustments need to be made so you can get back on track, let go of what isn't working and keep forging ahead.

To help you with this "assess & adjust" process we've created our Goal Reflection stickers for Makse Life & Inkwell Press. Our reflection prompt stickers (available in a flag or text style) are great for creating a reflection section in your planner using your notes pages.  And our Progress Arrows give you the ability to see where you are at so you can make any needed adjustments.

After doing a reflection session, you'll have the clarity you need to abandon what isn't serving you, the insight you need to make tweaks to continue your progress and the honest snapshot you need to get yourself back on track if you find you've fallen off track.

Reaching your goals is a messy, uncomfortable process because you are likely stepping out of your comfort zone and regular habits.  You will feel pulled back to the status quo numerous time on your journey, but as long as you check-in with yourself regularly staying committed will be easier and you will be able to navigate the process in a way that leads to success!

If you are interested in our latest Goal Reflection Collection check out these items:

Remember goals are achieved one small step at a time. Be patient, assess, adjust and one day you'll wake up and say "wow look at what I've achieved!"


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by Jessica Lewis


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