2024 Makeslife Planner Review

by Jessica Lewis
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2024 Makeslife Planner Review

My 2024 Makselife review crew order is here and it's time to share my thoughts!


Makselife Weekly Planner + Goal System  

The Makselife planner is a weekly planner with a built-in goal planning system.  The creator, Sierra Friend, is a life coach who created a goal planning system during her years working with clients and has turned that system into a planner.

2024 Updates

Here's a list of the updates you will see in the 2024 Makselife planner:

  • Silver Coil (vs Gold wire-o style)
  • A few very small updates in the instructions pages

To see all the products, details, and pricing, check out their 2024 Makselife Product Guide.

Launch Date

The 2024 Makselife Planner and new accessories launch Thursday, September 29th at 10am PST/1pm EST. 

Spoiler Alert

Bullet points of my thoughts:

  • I don't typically keep my keepsake boxes, but if you do you'll love the high-quality box the planner can be stored in.
  • Nothing really changed this year with the planner. Colors, layout, etc. are all the same.
  • There are a bunch of fun cover options to choose from.
  • The sticky notes, washi tape and bookmarks are awesome! 


2024 Makselife Planners Offered

  • 12-Month Dated Flagship Goal-setting + Weekly Planner (Vertical and Horizontal layouts AND all come with a bookmark) - $78
  • Quarterly Goal-Setting Companion Notebooks - $58 

Cover Options

There are 8 covers available for the 12-month Dated Flagship planners.  Of the 8 cover options, 4 are covers from the artist series showcasing Julie Garza, Alison Janssen, and Erin Vossler, 3 are fun designs and 1 is solid navy.

I chose the simple solid Navy cover called Legacy as none of the others really resonated with me and I prefer a more plain, professional cover.


Layout Options

The layouts are exactly the same as last year. You can choose either a vertical or horizontal layout and the weekly pages are still the neutral/greyscale palette. 

For the second year in a row now, I chose the vertical layout.  It's worked well for me throughout 2023 and I think it's the best pick for me for next year.

I still wish they get rid of that top box/header and find a way to make the columns a tad wider. But I love the layout, style, and neutral color of the weekly pages.

Other Products 

Along with the planners, Makselife is also launching:

  • Dot-Grid Notebooks with Leatherette Cover in a new color option 
  • ClubMakse Binder
  • Goal-Setting Companion Notebook Sets in 2 color options
  • Folio covers in new colors
  • Rainbow Washi Tape Set 
  • Mini Sticky Notes Set
  • Sticky Note Booklet
  • Bookmark Trio
  • Decorative Washi Tape Sets

The only other product I purchased was the Mini Sticky Notes Set which I'm super pumped about. I love using sticky notes in my monthly view! This custom size and coordinating colors will take my color coding to the next level LOL.

My First Impressions

This is a great planner and goal-setting system - so if you're in the market for both this is the product for you! 

As usual with Makselife, the paper is great quality. It's a nice neutral planner so you can add as much or as little color and flair as you'd like. And the layouts are the tried and true options we all love.  

The only thing that continues to not be ideal for me with the Makselife planners is the bulk.  I've been religiously using my Makselife planner in 2023 (goal system and all) and while it just sits on my desk, I'd love a disc insert option so I could only put a few months in my planner at a time. 

But that's pretty much it - nothing changed with the planner this year. So if you already love it, it's the same great product you've come to expect. And if you're new to Makselife and want a planner that has a full goal-setting system in a color-coded neutral package you'll love it! 

My Makselife Plan

I've been using my 2023 Makselife vertical every day this year and plan to stick with that plan going into 2024. I'm in a groove with the layout and my planning style, so I don't foresee myself changing planners or how I'm doing things. 

KOPS 2024 Makselife Coordinating Collection

Since everything is the same this year for Makselife's planners when it comes to colors and layouts, our complete Makselife Coordinating Collection will work perfectly in your 2024 planners.

And of course, since the backdrop of your weekly pages is neutral you can use any stickers in our entire shop!

As usual, don't hesitate to reach out if you have ideas for products we can add to our Makselife Coordinating Collection.


Affiliate Links

Here's my affiliate link if you are interested in purchasing a 2024 Makselife planner and accessories.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase using our links we do get a small commission and truly appreciate your support.

by Jessica Lewis


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