2023 Planner Pick | Makselife Vertical Planner

by Jessica Lewis
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2023 Planner Pick | Makselife Vertical Planner

We're four weeks into 2023 and it's official, my planner for this year (at least for now) is the Makselife Vertical. 

I didn't expect to use this planner for 2023, but so far it's working out great.  I truly had my mind set on the Hobonichi Cousin, but I just can't get into a groove with it. 

Here's my thoughts on why I picked the Makselife Vertical Planner as my go-to planner for 2023: 

Original Plan

Originally I thought I'd use the Makselife Companion Notebooks for goal setting this year, as I didn't expect to use the full Makselife Planner. As I mentioned above, I set out to use my Hobonichi Cousin, but so far that planner isn't feeling like a good fit for me.

I did my Life Compass Assessment and Goal Setting in my Makselife Companion Notebooks so I'd have a hub for goals if I didn't use my Makselife Vertical Planner. Next I started using both the Hobonichi and Makselife Vertical to see which felt right. After playing around with both for about a week, the Makselife Vertical just fits my needs.

Hobonichi Thoughts

As much as I want to be a Hobonichi Cousin fan, I just can't get into it.  While I like how it feels to write on the paper, I don't like the yellow hue and bleed through. I also just can't get over the weekly view having a full column hourly component.  

This planner seems to have so much potential, but I'm thinking it may be too much for my needs. Or I just need to learn how to use it LOL. I think because I don't have a ton of schedule based things going on and a pretty minimal lifestyle, I just can't use this planner to its full potential. 

Makselife Vertical Thoughts

I'm loving the simplicity of this planner. While I wish the columns were a bit wider and had a lighter vertical line between each day, this format just works for me.  I've been playing around with subtly variations to how I'm using it each week, but overall it's functioning great for me.

I can keep my appointments at the top and to-do lists throughout the rest of the daily columns.  Sometimes I just make a huge running list and other weeks, I've been separating my lists by categories (work, home, business). 

I'm enjoying the neutral palette and the ability to use as much or as little color as I'd like.  I've tried just picking a single color for a week and this week I tried color coding tasks and appointments.  

My style is SUPER simple right now and all I'm using is my pen and mildliner highlights.  Oh and I'm obsessed with the Makselife stencil ruler.  The only sticker I've been using is our weather stickers. I may start incorporating some icon stickers to note various things.  And I think I'll go back to using month labels in the month view so its easier to move appointments and events when things change.

Overall, I'm really happy with how this planner is working for me right now. My only wish would be it came as disc inserts so I didn't have to tote around this enormous planner.

Inkwell Press Thoughts

Unfortunately, I just don't feel drawn to this planner at the moment, despite it having been my go-to for the majority of 2022.  While I love the Inkwell Press Classic format and that its a disc planner, I just don't feel pulled to the colors and aesthetic right now. That could change as the year moves forward, so I'll keep you posted. 

I still love Inkwell Press paper and I wish Tanya would make some design updates that brought us all running back to her planner. Well wishful thinking I guess.

Your 2023 Planner

 What planner are using for 2023? Comment below and share!

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by Jessica Lewis


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