Figuring out 2022 Planner Picks

by Jessica Lewis
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Figuring out 2022 Planner Picks

With four weeks left in 2021, it's time to start nailing down which planner I'm going to use for 2022 and figure out if I'll be focusing on goal setting & planning this year.  Since I haven't set goals in months and my planning style has been very minimal - task lists using checkbox stickers & time strips to note appointments - I'm thinking this year will be all about simplicity with planning & goals.  So with all that said, I'm leaning towards heading back into my Makselife planner after using my Inkwell Press Classic for the past 3-4 months. 

I'm excited to start the year off using my NEW Makselife A5 Daily (review coming soon) to see how that format works for me.  If I find the daily layout isn't a good fit, I likely head into my Makselife Vertical so I can easily create sections in each column dedicated to work, business and appointments.  I really like that Makselife has a super neutral feel and I can keep the color I add with stickers minimal and esthetically pleasing. 

While I've been using my Inkwell Press Classic lately and I do like the IWP 2022 colors for the most part, I'm just not feeling drawn to it.  I've primarily been using my 2021 IWP Classic lately because I LOVE my discs (so clearly I should probably buy the Makselife inserts so I can get the best of both worlds). Despite the fact that I tend to be a person that loves consistency and once I find something I love I stick with it, Inkwell Press has just lost its luster for me over the years.  It's still a fantastic planner with amazing paper, but for some reason I'm not feeling it.

Will I set goals? Probably a few. While I'm sitting here typing this my mind is running through the list of things I accomplished this year (that I'm not even sure where on my goals list in my Makselife LOL) and it feels great to remind myself of the successes I've had.  I don't think I need goals in all 8 areas of the Makselife system, but I'll likely sit down and map out a goal or two for my 2-3 main areas of life. And I need to do a year end wrap up to see what worked, didn't work, lessons, wins, highlights, etc. 

So long story short in my random planner musings for the day...Makselife will likely be my go-to planner in 2022 and I'll lightly use the goal setting system in the planner to map out a few targets for the new year.

Stay tuned for a review video of the Makselife A5 Daily, my 2022 Goal Setting and maybe a 2022 planner stack (which will probably be just a Makselife planner if I haven't changed my mind by the time I film it).

Which planner(s) do you plan do use in 2022? Head over to our Facebook Group and share!

by Jessica Lewis


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