2020 Inkwell Press Planner First Impression

by Jessica Lewis
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2020 Inkwell Press Planner First Impression

With the coil bound Inkwell Press planner being sold on Amazon I was able to order one WAY in advance of the company's usual launch in September.  I was pretty pumped about this as now we can get a bigger head start on color matching for the new planner, yet at the same time it's a slight bummer as gone are the days of the excitement of sneak peeks leading to launch day.  

First things first, I thought I was ordering the Classic/Vertical but I received the Flex/Horizozntal layout.  Amazon had the one I purchased titled as Classic while the description and images of the inside indicated the Flex layout.  Since I use the Disc bound I really didn't care which one I got as I will probably just use it for product photos or maybe journaling.  It turns out the company ACCO that now produces the Inkwell Press Coil Bound planners has decided to discontinue the Classic as well as the coil free planners.  This is super surprising and disappointing news for a lot of IWP fans and while we have no way of knowing why the decision was made it seems really odd.

Okay with all that said here is the bullet points on my first impression of the 2020 Inkwell Press Planner:

  • The 4 color palettes are much better than last year
  • Paper is still nice, but doesn't seem to be the same quality as in the past
  • Everything is what you can expect from IWP as far as cover, coil, design, etc
  • A few cool new extras but some seem useless for me (though others may enjoy them)

Want to see the inside of the planner, and hear more details on my thoughts? Check out my First Impressions video below!


As many of you know Tonya (the owner of Inkwell Press) has shared that they decided to further consolidate their product line this year to align with their values and vision by also discontinuing the A5 inserts.  Inkwell Press will continue to only sell the Disc planner and accessories on their site and the Coil Bound Flex (and the lower price point thinner planner) will be available on Amazon and in Office Depot.  So if you love the Classic/Vertical layout you are gonna have to get the disc planner or move onto a new planner company all together. 

While I personally do still love my IWP Disc planner and because of that can still enjoy the Classic/Vertical layout, I know there are many out there who are now back to the drawing board to find a new planner because of these changes.  As small businesses evolve often their direction changes (for reasons unknown to us) and it can be a frustrating experience.  Inkwell Press still offers a high quality planner and accessories with amazing paper that I will continue to use in addition to other various planners (LOL), but I hope those of you that need to find a new planner are able to find something you truly love and works great for you.  If you need help finding a new planner be sure to join our FB group to connect with fellow planners in the same boat as you!

Shop Inkwell Press Planners on Amazon!

*there are affiliate links in this post.  I do earn a small commission if you decide to use my link to purchase.*

by Jessica Lewis


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