10 Reasons Your Meal Plan Isn't Working

by Jessica Lewis
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10 Reasons Your Meal Plan Isn't Working

I've been promoting building the habit of meal planning for years and believe it's essential to improving your eating habits & long-term health.  And while that is beyond true, I've found that many people I work with struggle to see results (aka reach their health goals) despite adopting a consistent meal planning habit. So after some thought about why this might be, I've come up with 10 reasons I think your meal plan might not be working.

Before we get into those reasons, let's be sure to get on the same page about what "working" means.  What I mean in this case is that you have a goal of improving your long-term health and for many this might be weight loss or improving health markers.

Okay now onto my Top 10 Reasons Your Meal Plan Isn't Working:

  1. You aren't planning all your meals
  2. You aren't making time for meal prep/lacking a system for planning ahead
  3. You aren't including meals that aligned with your goals
  4. You are trying to make too many new recipes
  5. You are focused on too much variety
  6. You are more focused on saving money than improving your health
  7. You aren't planning around your schedule 
  8. You aren't involving your family 
  9. You are acting on your feelings vs your commitments 
  10. You aren't making enough time to cook

If any of these reasons resonate with you, it's time to make some tweaks to your process and get that meal plan working for you. Remember it's all about baby steps and creating a healthy lifestyle & eating habits one piece at a time.

Check out my latest video to hear more detail on each reason.

Whether you are using your weekly planner, a separate meal planner, or calendar in the kitchen for meal planning make sure your system is doing it's job!

by Jessica Lewis


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