Planner Prep 101 - Tip #6: Track ONLY 1-3 habits

by Jessica Lewis
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Last but not least...

planner prep 101 - Tip #6:  Track ONLY 1-3 habits!

It's the new year and we all want to improve some areas of our lives! The key is (yet again) not to overdo it! I too often see well meaning people track 6, 7, 8 daily habits only to be frustrated & defeated in a month that they've made little to no progress.  The human brain doesn't like a lot of change all at once and will pretty much do anything it can to keep you from being consistent.  So if you want to be successful keep habit change and tracking manageable! Ideally changing only 1 habit at a time until its automatic, but no more than 3!
You can habit track using our various habit tracker stickers, our habit tracker insert or the habit tracker in the IWP planner (if that is the planner you are using).  
How to habit change/track successfully:
1️⃣ Pick 1 - 3 habits to change & track
2️⃣ Decide the # of days you will complete the habit per week (indicate that on your tracker if its less than 7 days per week)
3️⃣ Attach the new habit to something you already do (ie I'm working on taking cod liver oil daily so I attach doing that to eating breakfast in the morning)
4️⃣ Check off each day you complete your habit
5️⃣ Review your progress at the end of the week and give yourself a score (ie 5/7)
6️⃣ Contemplate or maybe even journal what helped or hurt you complete this habit this week
Remember #babysteps are key to long term change! One thing at a time will yield better results!
Check out all our various habit tracker tools to help you master this tip!
by Jessica Lewis


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