Planner Prep 101 - Tip #5: List out your weekly to-do's and goals

by Jessica Lewis
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Today we bring you planner prep tip #5...

planner prep 101 - Tip #5:  List out your weekly to-do's and goals!

Now that you have the big picture stuff down, it's time to prep for a successful week! Weekly to-do lists are key to productivity! But again remember we want to be realistic and take into consideration all the time based things we have going on for that week so we don't take on more than we can chew!
Everyone likes to approach their weekly to-do list differently...some like to put a running list in the sidebar of their weekly view, some like to use a separate sheet of paper, and others like to put to do's on certain days.  I personally use a mix of strategies. I like to put some to do's in certain days - these are tasks in I know need to get done on a specific day or I know I'll have time for on that day AND I keep a running to-do list in my sidebar of things that don't have to get done on a certain day but need to get done that week.  Play around with different approaches and see what works best for you.
And do you best to NOT get caught in the trap of the bigger the to-do list the better! Less is more my friends - busy work doesn't get us anywhere.  Try to be purposeful with your time and keep your weekly list manageable!
Check out all our checklists that are perfect for making those weekly tasks lists!
by Jessica Lewis


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